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Does your cat or dog need critical care or a yearly wellness checkup? At Small Animal Medical Center in Mountain Home, ID, we offer countless animal health services to keep your furry friend living happy and long.

We provide only the most compassionate care with every treatment, no matter the age. Our services are tailored to each animal’s unique situation and needs. With our in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art technology, you can rest assured your furry companion is in great hands.


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Veterinary Services

preventative medicine for pets | Mountain Home, ID

Preventative Medicine

For preventative medicine, we provide anything that prevents disease in dogs or cats. The most common treatments are vaccinations, heartworm preventatives, and flea control. We administer these products to avoid health complications in the future.

pet wellness packages | Mountain Home, ID

Wellness Packages

We recommend that all dogs and cats receive a wellness package when they visit our office. Most packages include a physical exam, heartworm medicine, and yearly vaccinations. With a wellness package, you can ensure your pet’s health and protection throughout their lifetime.

healthcare for senior pets | Mountain Home, ID


Your furry family member may be considered fragile or elderly once they reach 8 to 11 years old. Our team has experience with aging companions, and we know how to carefully deliver the tender treatment they need as they get older. Trust us to care for your older furry friends.

emergency surgeries for pets | Mountain Home, ID

Critical Care

Our veterinarian is specially trained to treat life-threatening conditions and critical situations for your pet. Whether your dog or cat needs medicine or surgery, allow us to give them the urgent care they need. Our team ensures your pet will feel comfortable and calm with us.

dental care for cats and dogs | Mountain Home, ID


When it comes to your pet’s oral health, maintaining proper hygiene is critical to avoid other health complications. We recommend thorough dental cleanings, polishings, and digital x-rays to optimize your pet’s teeth and gums every six months or once per year.

spay and neuter procedures for pets | Mountain Home, ID

Soft Tissue Surgery

We are well-versed in performing any soft tissue surgery for cats or dogs. The most common soft tissue surgeries we perform are spay procedures, neuter procedures, hernia repairs, and mass removals. We can also handle more advanced surgeries.

pocket pet medical services| Mountain Home, ID

Pocket Pet Medicine

If you have a very small pet, whether it be a hedgehog or small dog, allow us to provide them with the medicine they need to stay happy and healthy. Our goal is to ensure pets of all sizes receive the care and treatment they deserve.

euthanasia services for pets | Mountain Home, ID

Dignified Euthanasia

The decision to put your pet to sleep is never an easy one. Our team is here to help you through every step of the process. We deliver the most compassionate end-of-life care that our furry family members deserve.

cremation services for pets | Mountain Home, ID

Cremation Arrangements

Allow us to make the hard decisions easy with compassionate cremation arrangements. Your pet will be the only one in the chamber, and we will carefully package and return the ashes to you.

In-House Lab Services

For the convenience of our furry patients and their owners, we have an in-house laboratory to deliver immediate results for various tests. We can process multiple blood tests, chemistry levels, blood counts, and even pre-anesthetic blood tests promptly and efficiently.

lab services for small animals | Mountain Home, ID

Please contact us at 208-587-4626 to learn more about what we can do for your pet’s health and protection.


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